Biggame Fishing trip options and rates

Boat Equipment

Hey Swa is a true fishing powerhouse, equipped to adeptly pursue and reel in the big pelagic fish. We exclusively utilize top-notch equipment designed for light tackle fishing for trophy catches. This ensures you can fully relish the exhilarating battle with the fish, experiencing firsthand why we call it sportfishing. Plus, there’s no need for a gym session afterwards!

What we have:

Equipped with 2X custom-designed Tuna Tubes to ensure your prime bait remains lively and enticing for the big catch.

Our fishing gear strikes the perfect balance—light enough for an enjoyable tussle with smaller fish, yet sturdy enough for tackling the giants.

Featuring spinning reels such as the Penn Battle III 8000 matched with Ugly Stik Big Water rods, along with Savage Gear trolling lures.

Each angler is provided with a comfortable chair, eliminating the need to vie for the fighting chair.

And of course, there’s a cooler stocked with fresh bottled water to keep you refreshed throughout the journey.

Your Deep-sea Fishing Trip

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience—a thrilling battle awaits!

Let’s embark on our fishing adventure!

Your journey begins at the picturesque DaaiBooiBaai Beach in Willibrordus.

Trips are a minimum of 4 hours, but longer excursions are always an option. With just a short sail to the drop-off point, we can swiftly cast our lines and commence our day of fishing.

Due to the limited capacity of my boat, I can only accommodate a maximum of 2 people, which means I cannot cater to groups. If you’re interested in joining, it’s advisable to book in advance via email or WhatsApp to secure a reservation for a specific day. No deposit is required, and you can cancel anytime without any charges

Rest assured, all necessary fishing equipment is provided onboard. Just remember to bring along your preferred beverages and sun protection for a comfortable outing.


4 hours fishing Extra hour
One person $120 $20
Group of 2 $200 $35
Price includes: 
  • 9% OB (tax)
  • all fishing gear
  • drinking water
Fish for the dish: Catch and cook your own fish!
Indulge in what is likely to be the freshest fish you’ve ever tasted. Fish weighing up to 4kg can be kept at no additional cost. Smaller fish are gently released back into the sea to continue their growth.
Reach out to us for further details.
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