Your fishing expercience on Curacao


Ready for action, adventure and the experience of a lifetime?

The fishing trips are offered from a stable Rana 17ft. The boat is fully equipped for fishing and not for sunbathing. We even have “tuna tubes” on board. Live bait fishing is my favorite style of fishing. Catch a small one and hook a big one with it.

For the latest catches, follow my YouTube channel or Facebook Page.

Little Big Game Fishing

“Little” Big Game Fishing means only small fish? Not at all, we catch the same fish as the big boats. Then what is the difference? There is no deckhand on board so you will have to do everything yourself, from throwing in to hauling in and everything in between.

Extra challenge

Break the tuna, wahoo or mahimahi boat record and your fishing trip is free.

Meet the Captain

Hello, my name is Dirk, better known as Deckie Dirk. I have been fishing here in our Caribbean Sea for over 20 years.

I fish with Penn, Daiwa and Savage Gear.

Do you have the nerves of steel to challenge the big fish out there with light tackle? Tuna, wahoo, barracuda, marlin,… everything is possible!

Send a message and we’ll go for it!

Deckie Dirk

Made by Gitte Ost and Sybren Ost