Inshore and Kayak Fishing on Curacao

Be your own captain!

Whichever fishing method you choose, Bartje kayak always goes for the full 100%.

Fishing with the Whaly boat, here we have two options.

Option 1: we start trolling through the inland waters of Curacao in search of tarpon, jack, snook and barracuda. We will also be casting lures in my favorite places. We combine this with static fishing by using live or dead bait targeting large tarpon.

Option 2: You can also choose to only fish static with live or dead bait. Here we sail to my favorite places and target large tarpon and jack fishing.

Both options are available in the morning as well as in the evening.

4 Hours fun

Street fishing,

The name says it all, here we walk through the streets of Curacao with fishing rod in hand. We will also try this at the places where we can cast with lures. There is always a small barracuda, snook, jack or tarpon hidden somewhere.


4 hours fishing 1 person 2 people Extra hour
Street Fishing $100 $180 $20
Kayak Fishing $120 $200 $20
Boat Fishing $120 $200 $20
Boat Fishing Evening $120 $200 $20

Price includes: 

  * 9% OB (tax)

   * all fishing gear