Your Big Game fishing expercience on Curacao


Are you prepared for action, adventure, and the ultimate Big Game fishing experience in Curacao? If so, set sail on the Hey Swa with Deckie Dirk for an unforgettable deep-sea fishing excursion!

Curacao offers year-round fishing opportunities unlike any other, thanks to its warm blue waters and abundant pelagic fish species. With our deep waters and proximity to shore, you don’t have to venture far offshore to embark on an exciting sportfishing adventure.

Sportfishing in Curacao

Our deep-sea fishing trips are conducted aboard the sturdy Rana 17ft. Which is not a typical Big Game fishing boat. While it is not  designed for sunbathing, rest assured it is fully equipped for fishing, with specialized features such as our custom-designed ‘tuna tubes’ on board. Live bait fishing reigns supreme for me, as there’s nothing quite like hooking a big one using a small catch as bait

Our primary targets include wahoo, tuna, and mahimahi (dorado), with occasional catches of barracuda, sailfish, and marlin. Additionally, in recent years, encounters with sharks have become more frequent, though we strictly practice catch-and-release for these magnificent creatures.

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Little Big Game Fishing

‘Little’ Big Game Fishing doesn’t mean catching only small fish. In fact, we target the same prized species as the larger boats. The key difference lies in the absence of a deckhand onboard. Here, you’ll be responsible for every aspect of the fishing process, from casting to reeling in, and everything in between.

Extra challenge

Break the boat record for tuna, wahoo, or mahimahi, and your fishing trip is on us!

Fish Lbs kg
Mahi Mahi 26.5 12.0
Tuna 138.9 63.0
Wahoo 65.0 29.5

Boat records aren’t relevant for Sailfish, Marlin, and sharks, as they’re exclusively catch-and-release species. We prioritize their swift return to the water.

Meet the Captain

Hello, I’m Dirk, but most people know me as Deckie Dirk. Fishing has been a constant in my life since childhood. I was fortunate to accompany my father on deep-sea fishing trips in the North Sea from a very young age, or we’d spend our days fishing on the canal. As I grew older, I delved into pond fishing and even ran my own tackle shop. However, my heart truly belongs to deep-sea fishing and pursuing the magnificent pelagic species. That passion remains unwavering; I’m utterly addicted to sea fishing. With over 20 years of experience fishing in the waters around Curacao, I’ve become intimately familiar with the sea here, almost like a local.

The trip

I fish with Penn, Daiwa and Savage Gear.

Do you possess the nerves of steel needed to take on the challenge of landing big fish with light tackle? Whether it’s tuna, wahoo, barracuda, marlin, or any other trophy fish, the possibilities are endless!

Reach out via message or phone call, and let’s embark on this adventure together!

Hey Swa… Let’s Go Fishing!

Deckie Dirk

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