Your fishing expercience on Curacao

Big Game Fishing Curacao

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Ready for action, adventure and the experience of a lifetime? Come and join one of our fishing trips.

You can fish the whole year around. We offer in – and offshore fishing with Hobie Kayaks and active Big Game Fishing with a stable 17ft Rana Fishing Boat.

Little Big Game Fishing

Hi there, I am Dirk and I already fish for more than 15 years around the island of Curacao.

Do you have the nerves of steel to challenge the big fish out there with light tackle? Then contact me and we go for it.

Deckie Dirk

Kayak Fishing

Yo fishermen, life and fishing on Curaçao, who does not dream of that? I certainly do.

After fantasizing and getting the wildest stories in our heads, we decided to make our dream come true in early 2020.

What can Bartje kayak offer you outside of a nice stay at Amazing View Bungalows Curaçao?
In terms of fishing we can offer almost everything: kayak fishing, street fishing, static fishing and fishing from a small boat trolling on the inland waterways.

Bartje Kayak

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